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Mailport: June 2001

Thanks, DanI read this months (April) edition before last months (March) to discover editor, now former editor, Dan Spurr has tossed in the pen...

Mailport: 08/09

As a new boat owner, I have no end of questions, but here’s a quickie: I have recently had my boat hauled and sanded to the gelcoat, and repainted with all the right stuff. (The bottom was coated with Interlux CA Bottomkote.) Now, how often should I have a diver clean the underside, bearing in mind I live in San Diego? The service providers have a vested interest in selling frequent cleans—one company running a special at the moment wants me to sign a contract for a bottom clean every three weeks, but that sounds way too often to me. I realize it may well vary with geography and ambient temperature, but there should be some kind of general rule of thumb, perhaps?

Diving into Plotter/Sounders

Navman out-pixels ’em all, and Furuno bests the rest.

Small-Screen Plotter/Sounders: Lowrance Bests Garmin and SI-TEX

High-resolution and fine sounder detail give Lowrance the win.

Furuno vs. Garmin

Though they're similar in functionality, Furuno's NavNet, with more options and better 10-inch screen, bests the new Garmin Marine Network.

JRC PLOT 500F vs. Lowrance LCX-19C

We continue our look at combo units for the nav station. Here, JRC's Plot 500F gets the nod over Lowrance's LCX-19C.

Mailport: 01/15/02

More SheepWhile reading about all the fancy epoxy-based underwater patching compounds now available (November 1, 2001) I was reminded of the putty used by...

Big-Screen Chartplotters Under $2,000

Standard Horizon is right on target with its highly rated CP1000C. It bests two other value-priced, 10-inch plotters.

Color Plotter/Sounders: Furuno’s GP-1850 WF and Simrad’s CE 33

Furuno's upgraded screen tilts the balance against the feature-rich Simrad.

Mailport: 10/01/02

Spartite AlternativeYour July 15 issue gives attention to mast collars. On a Tartan 34 where every year involves winter lay-up with the mast out,...