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Personal Effects on Deck

By the time you read this, it will have been about six weeks since the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon were attacked. Those...

Mailport 08/15

Sunglasses - The FinaleI read Doug McGrigors letter in Mailport with sympathy, as my Maui Jim sunglasses also failed after a little over a...

Mailport 02/01/99

3M 5200After reading your review of marine sealants in the November 15, 1998 issue, I thought I would give you some observations concerning the...

Cheap Glasses Showdown

I wore off prescription glasses for sailing five years ago after donating one last pair to Neptune. Its not just the cost, but also the mental angst you feel. If underway, they are just gone. If at the dock, youll be fishing for them with a net or going for an unscheduled swim. Retention cords help, but if Im also wearing a cord on my hat, annoying tangles ensue. On the other hand, when a pair of drugstore glasses goes in the drink it doesn't ruin your day. And then I learned that the local dollar store had suitable glasses for a buck; Im wearing them as I type this. I wont win any fashion awards, but when I drop them or sit on them, its less bothersome than spilling a soda. I like that.

Mailport: Fuel Additives

Fuel Additives in Europe It was interesting to read your fuel additive tests (see “Are Copper, Zinc, and Brass Mucking Up Our Fuel?, PS December...

Mailport: 09/09

As a prior owner of a Charley Morgan yacht, I greatly appreciated your article on the Morgan 30. I could relate to the difficulties of that boat, having had to replace a broken centerboard pennant, replace the Palmer M60 with a Yanmar diesel, install a second battery, and live with fairly primitive belowdecks amenities. Yet for all those issues, I loved the boat. The centerboard could be used to move the lateral resistance forward or back, so it was possible to get the boat to balance perfectly and track with barely a finger on the tiller. Ive sailed the Chesapeake Bay for 39 years and have owned a Morgan, Bristol, and Pearson. Of the three, the Morgan was the most fun to sail.

Marine Electronics Test: A Look at Combination Fishfinders and Chartplotters

The test field includes devices with 5-inch display screens that provide chartplotting capabilities and information and show detailed bottom contours on a single display screen. These combination fishfinder-chartplotters are fitted with high-powered sounders. Practical Sailor tested units for day and night visibility. Each plotter was tested with live GPS fix information. Chartplotter user-interface was tested by examining actions such as creating waypoints, building routes, and changing map ranges. Units tested were the GarminGPSMAP 545s, which uses Garmin’s Bluechart g2; the Lowrance LMS-525C DF (a Navico brand), which has an NMEA 2000 GPS sensor, uses Navionics cartography, and is capable of interfacing with a Lowrance radar; the Raymarine A60/DSM25 combo; the SI-TEX Colormax SE; and the Standard Horizon CP180.

Practical Sailors Chartplotter/Sounder Update: Garmin 498C and Raymarine A65

In an effort to keep our readers informed of happenings in the marine electronics field, Practical Sailor is constantly on the lookout for new products and those that are a good value, even though they may have been on the market for several years. This update to our list of tested plotter/ sounder combo units does just that. Editors test drove the Garmin 498C and Raymarine A65, comparing them to the top performers among small-screen plotter/sounders and large-screen plotter/sounders. The Garmin plotter/sounder faced off with the Lowrance LMS-337C DF, and the Raymarine plotter/sounder combo was compared to the Navman Trackfish 6600. Testers considered each chartplotters user-interface and viewability, as well as their depth sounder features, including ability to show bottom detail, ease of use, and array of features.

Networked Systems—Furuno vs. Raymarine

Two big names go head-to-head and both finish with identical ratings. Raymarine, however, squeaks past Furuno with a better warranty.

Just the Numbers, Please: A Stand-Alone Sounder Sampling

The Raymarine ST40 and ST60 shine in our test of nine sounders. Smaller and less expensive units from Norcross and Uniden also deserve consideration.