The Art of Seamanship: Evolving Skills, Exploring Oceans, and Handling Wind, Waves, and Weather


Seamanship may be hard to define. But it is easy to recognize. You see it in a skipper who eases gently to the dock with never a bump…who is at ease with his sat nav and his sextant…whose sails are trimmed cleanly, whose lines are coiled neatly, and whose comm skills are clear and quick.

That can and should be you. With this new book, it will be. Written for today’s recreational sailor, The Art of Seamanship gets right down to business. There are no chapters on flag etiquette. There are chapters on navigation, communication, sail handling, anchoring, and more.

From choosing an anchorage to maximizing lift…from sharing crowded waters to single-handing in heavy weather…from detecting a cold front to deploying a MOM, The Art of Seamanship will extend your expertise. Youll add dimension to your skills and depth to your preparedness.

RALPH NARANJO is editor-at-large of Practical Sailor and is a regular contributor to Cruising World. During his 10 years at the U.S. Naval Academy, he helped guide safety and seamanship training. His sailing background includes a five-year family voyage around the world, which was documented in his book Wind Shadow West.

And, as a sailor today, you have more tools at your command…from roller furlers to rope clutches…EPIRBS to MFDs…X-band radar to SSB radio. The book will not only help you make the best buying choices for your boat but will show you how to use the gear efficiently and effectively.

Written by Practical Sailors editor-at-large Ralph Naranjo, The Art of Seamanship offers valuable guidance for interpreting forecast data, for addressing an emergency at sea, for developing boat-handling routines, dousing and reefing sails, and even for selecting your next boat.

If life is a bit sweeter when the deck is beneath your feet, you’ll want this book in your hands. Order your copy of The Art of Seamanship today.

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