The Complete Sailor


More than a mechanical task, sailing is an art. Learning the wind, getting underway, speeding up, slowing down – each trip is unique and is full of its own challenges. As an experienced sailor, you welcome this. It’s one of the many reasons you sail.

David Seidman captures this essence of sailing in his book, The Complete Sailor. Filled with instruction, tips, and valuable advice, The Complete Sailor gives sailors of all levels the confidence to not only get underway but also take your sailing adventures to the next level.

Written in a direct but elegant style, The Complete Sailor provides you with a deeper understanding of the world of sailing. Youll get advice on keeping a course in any condition, tips on leaving a mooring with confidence, ways to keep your lines organized and ship-shape, launching a trailer boat without hesitation, and useful reviews of winds, tides, and weather of all kinds.

Get your copy of The Complete Sailor and be reminded of why you fell in love with sailing in the first place. And, you’ll also pick up a tip or two as well!

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