Where Credit is Due December 2012 Issue

Where Credit is Due: November 2012

Garhauer Marine

While on vacation, my Garhauer lifting davit—normally used for hoisting my outboard and my labradoodle—saved my boat!

After spending a peaceful night at anchor on Lake Tashmoo in Martha’s Vineyard, the family and dog went ashore for the day. When we returned that afternoon, we found that the wind had picked up and our boat was gone. After a frantic few minutes of searching, we saw it about 500 yards downwind, side-to-side with a big, moored cabin cruiser.

I assumed somebody saw our boat dragging anchor and tied the two boats together, but upon arriving at the scene, I found the only thing holding the two boats together was the davit lines and hook, which had become entangled on the other boat’s foredeck cleat. The severe strain on the system was visible and audible. Once the mess was untangled, the only damage I could find was two bent screws that held the davit to the stern rail. The tubes, lines, and blocks were as good as new despite having held back a 14,000-pound boat for who knows how long.

Finally, less than 24 hours after emailing Garhauer about this, I received a message that a replacement rail mount was in the mail free of charge! My boat has many Garhauer products (www.garhauermarine.com), and I have always been very impressed by the quality of construction and excellent service, but this was truly amazing.

Brian McPhillips

Analgesic, 1988 Catalina 34

Hingham, Mass.

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