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  • Best E-bikes for Boats
  • Easy Seacocks Switch
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • Boat Partnerships
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  1. I’m sorry you’ve chosen to go digital. My Porsche club did so 5 years ago and I haven’t read the mag since then. I’m certain it’ll be likewise here. Oh well once my subscription is over later for you.

  2. I’ve been a subscriber for over 30 years. Not at all happy about digital only. These digital publications get lost in the blizzard of email, whereas the paper version is there reminding you to read it. also to make notes on it. if postage and printing out of control why not increase price a bit?

  3. Digital only is not what I signed up for …and to do that without a SIGNIFICANT increase in useful content at the same price is hardly fair. I appreciate what Practical Sailor stands for and would like it to continue… But this is beyond inflationary…

  4. I have been a digital only subscriber for a few years. Usually read on my iPad where it is convenient and easy to store. Really like the ability to easily search for articles/subjects from back-issues.

  5. I agree with the above sentiments. I paid for a paper subscription and it does remind me to pick it up and read it. I get far too much email to spend time looking through a digital magazine.

  6. Yeah. Frankly, pretty lame. If you’re truly going digital, I expect a refund. Frankly, I resent the notion that I have to print this myself, at my own expense, if I want hard copy. Really? That what I already paid YOU for. And it’s what you promised.

    Practical sailors are “old school” sailors. I use a chart plotter but keep paper charts. I have GPS but keep a sextant. I have an outboard on the tender but keep oars there too.

    You have lost your way, my friends.

  7. Love it, read it on IPad and can download them to refer to them when on boat. You can always print it out if you want to – but costs of publishing paper is CRAZY expensive. Been member forever and love the unbiased and deep (wife calls it “boat geeky”) info on subjects so important to us sailboat owners – keep it up! Glad to pay for the content, regardless of format.

  8. I’d love it if you could stay with hard copy, but I understand the dynamics and financial realities and prefer that you take proactive measures to remain active and in business. The insight from testing and evaluating various sailing components is worth the price by a long shot. And in the digital version I can more easily find specific things I am looking for. Do I prefer the tactile experience of thumbing through a magazine? Of course, but I am looking forward to my next biggest problem….what to do with newfound shelf space.

  9. Digital is ok by me, I get other magazines digitally, I store in my OneDrive storage and can get them via my phone or tablet whether in the house or on the boat or at the beach.

    Times are a changing, the economics of dead tree publishing are unsustainable without ratching the cost through the roof. Good luck, you will loose a few but hopefully this makes PS more viable for the future out years.

  10. I’ve been a digital subscriber for several years and have no complaints. Thank you for saving some trees! Really like the increased YouTube content as well. Welcome to the 21st Century!

  11. Practical Sailor subscribers are not all old school. But we may be older. I’ve been a PS subscriber since I don’t know when. It’s helped with many of the boats I’ve had in the past. I now have a 2021 Beneteau Oceanis and I read every word in every issue. PS keeps me abreast of new products and maintenance techniques. Digital is working for me.

  12. I have to agree with most of the comments. I would rather have the print version but will probably not print my own copy. I receive way too many emails and at times content I want to keep gets buried and eventually lost in the rest of the junk. I have been a subscriber for 40 years and have volumes dating back to 1984. You should not just tell your loyal customers “tough s***”.

  13. I suppose we will get a break in the subscription price. Right? About saving paper and trees & the enviroment. Oh and cost of production. I was fine with the old paper way back before you folks went glossy. I wasn’t so fine with the increased subscription cost that came with the glossy paper. You folks generally put out a good product and valuable info. But you are one of the more expensive publications. There are a few really good Sailing publications that are way cheaper. Some have even taken up your model of equipment review. I will wait and see how we roll. But the cost is a concern. I’ll think about that next offer from your competitors. You should too. I think you should have put it out there to your readership prior to making the decision. But it’s your business. The reduced cost, might make up for the lost readership. Time will tell.

  14. Ok, agree that the coming age is digital. That said, I also have many, many years’ [before color & glossy] issues in binders. Will there be :
    > an extension of the current subscription for the MUCH reduced cost of distribution?
    > an easy way to download a past year’s or multiple years’ issues?

  15. Sigh, I don’t own an iPad and have you ever tried to read a PDF version of a magazine on a cell phone? It’s ok on a computer screen but I’m not gonna have a laptop or a computer with me in the bathroom. 🙂 I’ve got 22 years’ worth of the magazine stored away. I guess sailing magazines just don’t make money anymore, Good-Old-Boat just went under also.