Mailport April 2014 Issue

Mailport: April 2014

No Toilet, No Head Odor

After fighting head odors on two production sailboats for many years, I recently decided that the best way to eliminate odors was to eliminate the toilet. I replaced it with the Cleanwaste system, which most hikers now use to pack out their waste in regulated national parks. (See


I think that Practical Sailor should look into this product and mention it to other readers. Having used this system for five seasons now, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to deal with all the issues that are required in order to bring the look and feel of land-based toilets to the marine environment. It is almost as absurd as carrying a toilet in a backpack.

David Moncton

Comments (2)

While wind and birds get their share of windvanes, add crowded marinas to the list. In high winds, all of the boats in a crowded marina rock, but not in sync. When one boat heels 15 deg to starboard, and its next door neighbor heels 15 deg port, the mastheads meet and windvanes get punished.

Jim Neece
Poco Loco, 1990 Oday 322
Austin, TX

Posted by: JIM N | April 2, 2014 11:16 PM    Report this comment

I have been using wag bags for years now. I have a 30 foot sailboat and cannot imagine lugging around 10 to 20 gallons of sloshing sewage in my holding tank. I plan to remove the all head plumbing and the holding tank. the toilet will remain but only wag bags will be used. They fit perfectly in the toilet bowl.

Posted by: Mike Cunningham | March 29, 2014 1:37 AM    Report this comment

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