Offshore Sailing


Wouldnt it be nice to have an engineer and yacht builder with more than 100,000 offshore sailing miles around for your next voyage? Someone whos encountered just about everything that can go wrong with every aspect of a boat? Someone who tells you what works and what doesn’t.

Introducing Bill Seifert. While you may not be lucky enough to sail with him, you can learn from his experience by reading his indispensable guide, Offshore Sailing, 200 Essential Passagemaking Tips.

In Offshore Sailing, you’ll learn how to diagnose and repair problems, while you’re at sea. Youll get money- and time-saving tips to prevent disasters and major complications. Youll know the questions to ask and also have a few of the answers, ahead of time.

  • Batteries charging too slowly or not at all? Tip 111 tells you how to locate and stop hidden power drains.
  • Want to make your companionway drop boards lockable from inside and outside? See tip 71.
  • Thinking about adding more speakers to the cockpit? Read tip 7, first.
  • Heading out on a 7-day passage and unsure what belongs (and doesn’t belong) in your seabag? Review tip 175.
  • Annoyed when your water tastes foul? Better read tips 147 and 148.

Filled with practical advice, your copy of Offshore Sailing will more than pay for itself in questions answered and repair costs and time saved. Assisting Seifert edit the book is former Practical Sailor editor, Dan Spurr. So you know the advice is useful and the applications real-world.

Every sailor should own a copy of Offshore Sailing. And every sailboat should have a copy of Offshore Sailing aboard. Get your copy today!

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