Skippering a Small Keelboat


What if you could combine expert, written sailing instruction with the benefits of video and animation to learn new techniques and review existing methods? NauticEds Grant Headifen has done this with his expert book, Skippering a Small Keelboat.

Filled with tips and lessons covering weather, navigation, rigging, docking and sailing in all types of conditions, Skippering a Small Keelboat uses scannable QR codes to reinforce the book’s lessons. Scan the codes and you’ll be taken to web videos, detailing the many nuances of each module.

Skippering a Small Keelboat will also give you a better understanding of your boat itself. Youll get detailed reviews of electrical systems, outboard and inboard engines, sails and rigging, navigation electronics and more. Combine each of your boat’s operating system with thorough sailing lessons, and your expertise and confidence will reach new levels.

No matter your sailing skill, Skippering a Small Keelboat will teach you to be a better sailor, guaranteed!

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