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That Slippery Shock CordCan you recommend a knot to be used successfully with shock cord? Marv SannesSalem, OregonShock cord is tough to tie. It...

Offshore Life Rafts

Part 3 - Thirteen models from Crewsaver, DBC Marine, Givens Marine Survival, Plastimo, Switlik Parachute Co., Viking UK, West Marine, Winslow LifeRaft and Zodiac of North America were evaluated.

Tow or Salvage?

If your disabled boat requires assistance, you’d better know the difference, because the consequences can cost you big bucks.

Lightweight RIBs: Apex, Aria, Zodiac

Over the past few decades, inflatable boats have largely taken over the role of tenders for bigger boats. Originally, the appeal seems to have been stowability—boats, no matter how large, never seem to have space to spare, and a tender that can be deflated and stowed in a lazarette has undeniable appeal.

The Pros and Cons of Leaving Your Mast Up for Winter

If you are like us, you may feel strangely guilty about leaving a mast up during winter storage. In our case, it is probably those old wooden spar days calling. Ideally, wooden spars need to come down and be sheltered and coddled at regular intervals. Aluminum masts really don't, and the sky is actually a decent place to store them.