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  • Air Cleaners
  • Core Values
  • Fun with Fatheads
  • Yaw and Anchoring
  • Inverse Two Foot-itis
  • Get-Me-Home Tricks

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  • The Painted Jib
  • Electronics for Sea
  • System Compatibility
  • One Dollar Glasses
  • Winter Reading
  • Boat Insurance Tips

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  • Gasoline Additives
  • Plastic Fuel Tanks
  • Fuel Contamination
  • Fatality Report Redux
  • Laundry Science
  • Winter Projects

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  • Solvent Solutions
  • Fire Safetly
  • Fuel Filters
  • Toilet Bowl Sprays
  • Kong Helmet
  • New Uses for Webbing

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  • Gear of the Year
  • DIY Jib Furler Install
  • Furler Foil Assembly
  • Pearson Commander
  • Fiber Rode Chafe
  • Clinch in a Pinch

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  • Revising Rescue
  • Preventing MOB
  • Anchor Rode Guide
  • Identidying Ropes
  • Hi-grade Chafe Gear
  • Drop-in Bags

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  • Riding Sails
  • Get a Clew (Strap)
  • Freshwater Hazard
  • Pest Control
  • Dockside Science
  • AC Cooling at Anchor

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  • Care and Use of PFDs
  • Oil Filter Showdown
  • The Stowable Anchor
  • A Blow-up Sport Boat?
  • Helmets for Sailors
  • Digit Defense

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  • Air Conditioning at Anchor
  • Lashing for Strength
  • Anchoring in a Crowd
  • Ditch the Blue Ice
  • Hooked on Hangers
  • Make this Hook

Too Many Layers of Bottom Paint?

So, a couple of years back, you acquired a good old boat at a pretty good price-thanks to the market-but now youre wondering how many coats of bottom paint it has. And what kind? Youve put on a few coats of ablative antifouling since youve owned the boat. It has adhered well and has done its job. But each year, the bottom looks rougher and rougher-with big recesses where paint has flaked off. You sweated out some extra prep-work this season, and thought you had a nice, durable subsurface for painting, but each pass of the roller pulls up more paint. Whats going on here?