Chandlery April 2008 Issue

Whirlie Bird Anti-Fowlant

Device uses well-rounded approach to keep birds at bay.

Every boat owner sooner or later becomes familiar with the degrading effects of the marine environment. Whether they’re barnacles along the waterline, metal fittings rusting on deck, or galvanic corrosion beneath the water, ultimately, we all learn to contend with such realities. But one damaging element in the marine environment often overlooked is the destructive power of bird feces. Guano, bird poop, white death—whatever you call it—is a strong corrosive. Bird feces naturally contain some of the most acidic substances: ammonia, uric, phosphoric, oxalic, and carbonic acids, as well as salt. Fecal matter from birds can cause crazing in Lexan hatches, accelerate the degradation of stitching in awnings, and break down the protective properties of wax. And yes, it’s also unsightly and unhealthy. The good news is that there are numerous devices on the market intended to dissuade birds from roosting on and fouling your decks or spars. This group comprises a broad range of sizes and styles from the ubiquitous plastic owl to the antenna-like, spider-style Daddy Long Legs.

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