Mailport March 2012 Issue

Mailport: March 2012

Inflatable Bottom Paint

One of your articles (PS, August 2011) recommends against bottom painting inflatables because the paint rubs off. I found Aquagard Water-based Inflatable Bottom Coating to be excellent in Long Island Sound waters, and it does not rub off. Defender Industries ( sells it, and it’s very easy to apply.

Cliff Zucker
Via e-mail

We’ve tested inflatable paints by Aquagard-maker Flexdel Corp.— Flexdel Flexabar was Budget Buy in long-term dinghy paint test (PS, August 2011)—as well as Aquagard antifouling paints, but we have not yet tested the bottom paint for inflatables. According to Flexdel, there is only a very slight difference between the inflatable bottom paint and the Aquagard Bottom Paint marketed for use on fiberglass. In fact, the company said, boat owners can use the regular water-based Aquagard Bottom Paint on inflatable bottoms. In our tests, Aquagard Bottom Paint has kept barnacles at bay for up to a year.

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