Mailport September 2013 Issue

Mailport: September 2013

Stereo Test Update

Great article on mid-range marine stereos (PS, April 2013). I’d like to buy the recommended unit, the Fusion MS-RA200SD, which the article states comes with two coaxial speakers (MS-FR6580). But I can’t find it on the Fusion, West Marine, Defender, or Amazon websites. Can you tell me where this particular model might be purchased, or does it have a different model number?

Tom Bohanon,
Via email

We actually tested the MS-FR6520 model speakers with the RA200SD stereo, and we bought the kit we tested at West Marine. However, a recent search found that they no longer sell that stereo as a package with speakers. It looks like West Marine may have upgraded the kit to the RA205 with the EL602 speakers ($299 vs. the $200 kit we tested). There may be some old stock lingering at some other websites. An Internet search found the RA200-FR6520 package at, but we have never dealt with this online retailer.

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