Where Credit is Due December 2013 Issue

Where Credit Is Due: December 2013

Odeo Flares

Photo by Frank Lanier

After reading your article about Odeo Laser Flares (PS, September 2013), I ordered one online and received it promptly. However, the laser did not work. I sent an email to the manufacturer in the UK and was contacted the following day by a representative, who promised me an immediate replacement. I was then contacted by Jim O'Meara at North American Laser Flares (www.odeoflares.com), the U.S. distributor. He asked me to return the defective flare, so they could figure out what wasn't working, and he shipped me a new flare that day. It arrived about two days later, working perfectly. It is a great product, from a company with immediate and complete customer service. Impressive.

Richard Sayre
Alchemy, Catalina Morgan 440
Via email

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