Mailport July 2014 Issue

Mailport: July 2014

Jackett Packet

Reader Christopher Sherlock pointed out that the settees in the Island Packet Blue Jacket 40 are too short and curved to serve as proper sea berths, in his opinion.

In regard to your March 2014 review of the new Island Packet Blue Jacket 40: This is clearly a well thought-out design, albeit with conservative beam and waterline length. I have been aboard the boat and examined it fairly closely. One thing that stands out for a cruising boat, and not mentioned in your review, is the fact that the saloon benches are short and curved, so there is no way for even a moderately tall person to lie or sit lengthwise on them. As a tall person, this is a significant limitation.

I sail in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is frequently less than ideal, so one has to spend time below, even in summer. To be able to sit or lie lengthwise is an important design element for the saloon berths. Additionally, to be able to use them as sleeping berths when cruising with a crowd is equally important. That will not be possible with these benches unless oneís guests are short. Iím waiting for the next Blue Jacket to come off the drafting board of this talented pair: the Blue Jacket 43.

Christopher Sherlock

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