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Boat Shoes

I have been looking for a sticky pair of boat shoes for years. I have never seen any independent testing to see which boat shoes really work the best on a wet deck. Have you ever done a comparison of all the major shoes on the market? The best pair of boat shoes I have found was an old pair of Tevas but they were sandals and I want more of a shoe for protection.

Jon Kidder
Via email

Our last full-blown performance test of men’s athletic-style sailing shoes ran in the June 2007 issue. The Timberland Eurus Low II shoes topped the test field, and the Sperry Figawi2 was a recommended shoe. In December 2007, we ran a test update with a look at a pair of Teva shoes, the Helm2, which failed to beat out the Timberlands despite having excellent traction. The newest iteration of these shoes, the Teva Churn, has the same “spider rubber” traction and is a good-looking shoe. If you’d prefer a more traditional boat shoe, check out the February 2010 article on Columbia’s Sea Ray boat mocs; testers gave them two thumbs-up.

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Hey. This letter is two jammed together with some text missing.

Regarding the epoxy testing, please also consider testing products from Progressive Epoxies ( The proprietor, Paul Orman, has a rather cacophonic website, but he seems to have a very good product line at practical prices. I'm doing a huge hull blister re-lamination using their "Premium No Blush" cycloaliphatic epoxy, and I'd love to know how that stacks up to West. I've never had trouble with West, but I want the best epoxy on my bottom & blush is just more work. Are non-blushing epoxies really a free lunch? I considered Raka, East, System 3, and MAS before settling. Initial results are good, but I cannot test like PS can! Thansk!

Posted by: PAUL S | September 1, 2011 1:12 PM    Report this comment

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