Boat Maintenance

Spare Parts

Kenyon InstrumentsReader Ernie Copp owns some old Kenyon instruments. The company has long been out of business. Following his successful search to find someone...

PS Advisor

Gelcoat CrazingFor the past (too many to admit) years I have been working on the completion of a Corbin 39. Recently I have noticed...

Peel Away Still Most Effective Bottom Paint Stripper

Strippers using plastic covering sheets, like Peel Away and West Marines MarineStrip, stay active longer than other strippers.

Hurricane Watch

When I moved from Michigan to Rhode Island in 1980, sailing my old Pearson Triton through the lakes, canals and Hudson River, it never...

Banish Junky Anchor Rode Markers

For the boat owner who thinks he has everything, there is yet still another bit of electronic wizardry…a widget that tells you how much...

Spare Parts

Westerly Owners AssociationFollowing publication of the September 1999 Used Boat Survey of the Westerly Centaur 26, we received correspondence from Joe Douglas, editor of...

New Glass, Poli-Glow and Vertglas Gelcoat ‘Restorers’ Last Longest

Acrylic film coatings give tired-looking hulls high gloss, but in most cases they are stop-gap measures—sooner than later paint is the ultimate answer.

Upgrading the PS Test Boat

A review of our costs and man-hours again begs the question of whether dumping money into old boats is a good idea.

Special Maintenance Section:Newcomers Bristol and Woolsey Are Promising Teak Treatments

What lasts, what doesn't. Our latest exposure results.

Special Maintenance Section:Pettit Trinidad SR Leads a Large Group of Bottom Paints

Pettit Trinidad SR tops the list of owner-applied paints.