Spare Parts April 1, 2000 Issue

Spare Parts

Barient Winches
We recently heard from a reader that he was able to purchase replacement roller bearings for Barient 28+ winches, for $55, from the Australian Yacht Winch Co. Or 61 2 9636 1676 fax.

Columbia Owners Association
Mike Keers wrote to say: “My modest start, in conjunction with charter member Eric White, has led to the Columbia Yacht Owners Association (CYOA). We now have about 500 owners, a website,, as well as an email discussion group with about 260 active members, sponsored by, and of course C-Nuz, the quarterly newsletter, which also has a website:; e-mail:”

Kenyon Instruments
Reader Dale Hobbs of Seattle wrote to say, “I have some additional information regarding Kenyon AWIs.

“The masthead sensor on my 1968 Columbia 36 quit a few years ago. Kenyon used a 400Hz 5-wire Selsyn transmitter made by Bendix Aviation. I searched all over the country looking for this Selsyn, including Miller Marine in Florida who handles some of the older Kenyon instrumentation (as you mentioned in the Octrober 1, 1999 issue). I was repeatedly told these Selsyns were no longer available. I finally found success at an electronics surplus outfit called Fair Radio Sales Co. of Lima Ohio (419-223-2196,; . The part no. is AY-201S-2B, $17.50. It is an exact drop-in replacement.”

Brian Pollard wrote, “In your December issue there are letters on Flag Failures. The very best flags I have found (one has lasted some ten years) are made by — Zephyr Flags & Banners, Midland Road, Thrapston, Northants, NN14 4LX, England. Tel 0832-734484.”

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