Mailport January 2012 Issue

Mailport: January 2012

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In response to the December 2011 editorial: Chuck Hawley has been a good friend of mine for many years, and nowhere will you find a man with greater integrity. To even suggest that he would whitewash a U.S. Sailing report on the safety of tethers and harnesses sold by West Marine is preposterous. It would be very difficult to find someone more knowledgeable about marine safety and more giving of his knowledge than Chuck. I am also fortunate to count among my friends Randy Repass and Geoff Eisenberg, founder and CEO of West Marine, respectively. Their commitment to safety at sea is equally strong. The last thing they would do if they found a flaw in one of their products is sweep it under the rug and endanger the lives of mariners. Bad things sometimes happen on the water, no matter how good the equipment is. There is always room for improvement in the design of safety equipment, and West Marine has been a leader in that effort for many years.

David Emberson
Santa Cruz, Calif.

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