Mailport May 2012 Issue

Mailport: May 2012

Safety Snap Shackles

After reading PS’s WingNuts Safety at Sea report (PS, April 2012), I would like to offer a comment that quick-release snap shackles should be hooked into a metal ring on the harness. After 40 years in the commercial diving business, I know that a snap shackle needs the smooth surface of a metal ring to open quickly.

Photo number 5 on page 24 of the April issue shows a cloth or canvas hooking point on the harness. This will not allow the quick release to open while under strain.

Ed Burgueno

Via email

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Here is another ready resource for both the carbon granuels and cartridges. Use their search engine for activated carbon; carbon filters; carbon water filters. You might decide to buy a traditional water filter with an activated carbon element. look for the block type. The granuels in cellulose is not much carbon and will not last long. the elements with packed granuels or porous block type provide the greatest mass of carbon for the buck.

Posted by: MARK H | May 8, 2012 9:46 PM    Report this comment

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