Mailport July 2012 Issue

Mailport: July 2012

Diving Anchors

Practical Sailor tested the Super Max rigid (left) and pivoting anchors in our evaluation of anchors for soft mud. Check out the April 2006 and October 2006 issues for the full report, or find the articles online at

I would like to congratulate you on your article on anchor rode tensions (PS, March 2012), which uncovered new findings relative to loads at different scopes. Snatch loads have been a part of Creative Marine’s protection scheme for years, but they have never been proven in tests before.

Until now, they have been theoretical as determined by author and sailor Earl Hinz, and his work depended on momentum caused by the displacement of the vessel. His theory was that at the “snatch,” the strain on the anchor rode would double over the strain on the rode, if the snatch did not occur. Hence, the call for snubbers or an all-nylon rode, which through its stretching would obviate any snatch.

It was also good of you to recognize that the new anchors “dive,” whereas older, traditional anchors “plow” the bottom when overstressed. However, you failed to mention the Max and Super Max anchors in your listing of diving anchors. The Max and Super Max anchors, which we sell at Creative Marine, were the first penetrating anchors available and the first to have a concave fluke. They have the largest fluke area, so when they penetrate a bottom, their holding is obviously greater than those pointy, concave anchors with smaller fluke areas.


Andrew Peabody

Creative Marine


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