Where Credit is Due March 2013 Issue

Where Credit is Due: March 2013

Egginton Bros.

About five years ago, I purchased a high-quality, stainless-steel sailing knife directly from Egginton Bros. Ltd. in the UK (www.eggintongroup.co.uk). The knife performed fine over the years until my son over zealously used the marlin spike. As a result, the spike’s pivot had splayed, and the spike was then loose. I returned the knife to Egginton and received it back two weeks later, cleaned, lubricated, repaired, and re-riveted without cost.

Carl de Stefanis

White Plains, N.Y.

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I would like to express KUDOS to the GOPRO Company--Especially Adam C and Stephen E. In January 2013, I purchased a brand new GOPRO HERO3 HD Camera with mounts for sailing. I am using the camera for professional purposes while sailing. I installed the mounts and all the equipment on my sailboat for the first days trials to get used to using the camera. While I was sailing in light wind on the Delaware River, the entire assembly, along with the camera decided to swim to the bottom of the river--the mount failed. I contacted GOPROto express my disappointment. The GOPRO team immediatly sent me replacement equipment--ALL BRAND NEW. It has been YEARS since I have experienced such superb customer service from a company! Thank you GOPRO.

Captain Andrew Seligman
USCG Licensed Master
ASA Sailing Instructor

Posted by: YamSailor | April 18, 2013 7:53 AM    Report this comment

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