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Mailport: July 2013

The MOB Fear

In regard to your May 2013 editorial “Buying Into the MOB Fear”: I’m not sure whether the BoatUS research controlled for it, but I suppose it’s possible that their findings reflected better training, preparation, and equipment for avoiding and recovery of crew overboard (COB) from larger boats. If a crew member winds up in the drink but is successfully recovered, they’re not going to end up being reported in “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly” or other sources of outcome statistics.

In short: BoatUS may not have measured COB incidents so much as it assessed COB incidents gone wrong. That is to say, we can fear loss of crew less if we’re prepared to prevent the splash in the first place, and if the feared should happen, are prepared to recover COB. If fear stimulates preparation and reasoned response, then good on fear!

Douglas Bostrom Via,

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I fully agree with PS's response here and use of more logical metric system. The relative numbers are far more important then the units, and psi would be wholly inappropriate. We may have a sense for a few hundred psi, but what is 50,000 psi? And since the US Imperial system does not scale easily, we would be force to use something convoluted like tons per square inch. In American engineering schools, material science is taught with megapascals because it is widely used and of appropriate scale.

Posted by: DAMON L | July 14, 2013 6:59 PM    Report this comment

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