Mailport July 2013 Issue

Mailport: July 2013

Lehr Ob Critique

Based on your review of the Lehr outboard propane motors, I purchased a 5-horsepower, long shaft for my Precision 23. I have not yet tried it out other than in my dealer’s test tank at setup, but I did find the owner’s manual unclear, so I phoned the company and got the following info.

Reader Walt Wyatt enjoys a day on the water with his family aboard his Precision 23, SeaDuced.

If you stop the motor for more than 30 minutes, you must disconnect the 1-pound propane fuel bottle. This will not be fun while the motor is over the water, or even at the dock. They suggested using their remote tank, which has a shut-off valve. One of the reasons for my buying the motor was to get away from hoses and remote tanks. How about a shutoff valve in the motor?

Secondly, I believe the motor should be covered when not in use as the opening for the bottle provides a way for rainwater to get inside the motor case. The manufacturer told me that they were discussing a cover idea.  

Walt Wyatt,
Precision 23 Cincinnati,
Ohio Brookville Lake, Ind.


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I fully agree with PS's response here and use of more logical metric system. The relative numbers are far more important then the units, and psi would be wholly inappropriate. We may have a sense for a few hundred psi, but what is 50,000 psi? And since the US Imperial system does not scale easily, we would be force to use something convoluted like tons per square inch. In American engineering schools, material science is taught with megapascals because it is widely used and of appropriate scale.

Posted by: DAMON L | July 14, 2013 6:59 PM    Report this comment

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