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Mailport: December 2013


Reader John Mathews uses Nicro solar vents and loose-fitting tarps to keep his Morgans ventilated in the off-season.

Iíve not used desiccants aboard our boats, but after reading your dehumidifiers review (PS, June 2013), I thought there probably were other options worth review. The broader RV market came to mind as RVers deal with comparable cabin-moisture issues.

For a larger boat docked with 110-volt power in temperate winter, the Sunpentown SD-014V Desiccant Dehumidifier looks useful. Like some large-scale, industrial systems, it uses a desiccant wheel and no compressor. When a portion of the wheel nears saturation, the wheel rotates through a hot-air stream and is dried out and re-activated. It retails for about $252 (with shipping) online. Its power demand would likely require a full-time power cord or large solar capacity.

Aboard our boats, which winter on Chesapeake Bay, I use one or two 4-inch Nicro solar vents per cabin and cover two-thirds of the boat with a loose-fitting tarp over the boom, but we still get some moisture and mildew problems.

John R. Mathews
Morgan 28 and Morgan 30
Mathews County, Va.

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