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Mailport: December 2013


Several dealers and boating customers of Kanberra Gel products have emailed me about Practical Sailorís failure to include it in your recent review of mold and odor treatments (PS, November 2013). Kanberra has been a brand in the marine industry for five-plus years. We virtually created the category of natural mold and odor eliminators, put countless resources behind proving to the marine industry the viability of a natural tea tree oil product, and have led the way for boaters and liveaboards to enjoy better air quality while boating. Both Forespar and Pur-a-fy Air Gel, which you included in your review, were created after Kanberra.

Being that Practical Sailor is committed to testing products for the serious sailor, and relied upon to be thorough by those same sailors, it is surprising that you would omit such a successful product. I would appreciate an opportunity to have Kanberra tested by PS.

David Levesque
Business Development
Kanberra Group

Our recent mildew-treatment evaluation was designed to compare different types of products (sprays, gels, solids, natural, chemical), rather than serving as a head-to-head brand comparison. That being said, an unfortunate reality of our product testing is that because of the sheer number of marine products available, itís often impossible to include all product-category brands in one evaluation. However, we gladly conduct follow-up tests of new and overlooked products. Weíve requested Kanberra Gel for testing and plan to run a test update in an upcoming issue.

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