If You Cant Duct It, Tough Duct It


In plenty of time for your spring maintenance routine, 3M has recently released several new Scotch Duct Tapes, similar to those weve come to rely on for projects and repairs, but marketed as tougher, more durable, and more versatile.

The new line, Scotch Tough Duct Tapes, includes: a new No Residue tape, said to handle temps up to 200 degrees, that can be left on for up to six months without leaving a sticky mess behind; an Extreme Hold tape, which uses a double-layer adhesive for a better grip that wont fail under pressure; a Heavy-duty All-Weather tape designed for long-term (even permanent) exterior repairs that 3M claims will stand up to UV and moisture without cracking or peeling; and Outdoor Painters Clean Removal tape, which is marketed as a paint pros choice for high adhesion, waterproof backing, and clean removal for up to two weeks. The line also touts the first-ever transparent duct tape for “invisible” repairs.

Practical Sailor

The new tapes are available in hardware and home improvement stores and range in price from $6 to $10.

plans to test these tapes in real-world conditions and has already employed the new no residue tape for a project on our beloved test boat, Jelly. Stay tuned to see whether they stand up to makers claims.


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