Sailboats Over 40ft

C&C 99

One of a handful of production boats built today with epoxy resin in the laminate, this is a good-looking, fast racer/cruiser from Tim Jackett.

Catalina 470

Although it conforms to CE ratings for ocean sailing, this boat is better suited for coastal cruising in comfort and short offshore passages. It's got a great set of layout options for living aboard.

Hallberg Rassy 42

A top-quality production boat, proven as an offshore passagemaker - with a few bits and pieces that cause concern.

Saga 43

This Bob Perry design is a strong amalgam of shapes and functions, all serving real cruising needs.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43

A company as powerful as Jeanneau can build a big production boat of a quality comparable to custom boats costing much more. The Sun Odyssey 43 fits this description.

Hunter 410

The 410 is billed as an offshore cruiser, something of a departure for a company that has otherwise concentrated on comparatively inexpensive coastal cruisers.

Tartan 3700 & 4100

Two of the best built production boats in America, the 3700 and 4100 will go darn near anywhere.

Morgan 46

Lots of room at relatively low cost makes this aging center-cockpit cruiser a prime candidate for upgrading.

Catalina 42 Mk I and Mk II

One of the most successful large boats ever built, the Catalina 42 offers good looks, comfortable accommodations, and decent sailing ability at a low price.

C&C Express 110

The first new C&C since the acquisition of the C&C name by Tartan, the 110 is available with a surprising number of keel and rigging choices. She’s fast and fun to sail, but as a cruiser her stowage comes up short.