Sailboats Over 40ft

Ericson 41, Used Sailboat Review

The Ericson 41, a classic, well-made sloop designed by Bruce King continues to draw followers with its classic lines and solid performance. With the right upgrades, the well-mannered Ericson 41 makes for an excellent cruising sailboat that stands apart from the crowd. Watch for deck core problems and hidden rudder-stock corrosion within the spade rudder.

Valiant 42

With a taller rig and layout choices, Bob Perrys classic comes of age.

Hunter 49

Is this wannabe passagemaker for real?

Maine Cat 41

Eighteen knots? Maybe not, but theres plenty to like about this cat.

Dufour 44

Fast passages and Franco-Italian flair

Hunter 45

Hunter’s vision of the comfortable cruiser leads back to a center cockpit design.

Southerly 110

Beachable yet able to navigate open-ocean waters, this swing-keel vessel offers versatility, if not a lot of horsepower.


Built on a heritage of performance, this 43-foot sprit-boat offers a classic interior, stellar speed, and smooth handling.

Newport 41

Derived from C&C's Redline 41, this design had a long and successful production run. It lacks some of the amenities of 'full-volume'modern boats belowdecks, but is a tough, fast, seakindly boat offshore.

Offshore Log: IMX 45 Boat Review

Nick Nicholson recently returned from the Marblehead-Halifax Race, in which he was aboard the winning boat as navigator. He decided to devote his column this month to a review of that boat.