Sails, Rigging & Deck Gear

Six-Brand Winch Test: Anderson On Top

Winches are to sailboats what the inclined plane was to the Egyptians. They make the difficult easy, place the impossible within reach.

Offshore Log: A New Sail Inventory

Calypso dumps her old sails for a new suit from North, and what a difference it makes!

Banish Junky Anchor Rode Markers

For the boat owner who thinks he has everything, there is yet still another bit of electronic wizardry…a widget that tells you how much...

Sea Anchors & Drogues

Taking bad weather bow-to or stern-to is a fundamental quandary. Much depends on your boat. Then you have to decide which sea anchor or drogue to buy. We sort through the decision tree.

Mailport 08/01/00

Handheld GPSI have the greatest respect for the equipment reviews in Practical Sailor, but I think that you overlooked very critical attributes for your...

PS Advisor

Stainless Fasteners Seized in AluminumEvery summer on my boat in the Mediterranean I come across the problem of trying to remove a stainless steel...

Garhauer is the Best Buy in Snatch Blocks

An evaluation of blocks from 11 makers finds favor in the rotating-cheek models from Garhauer, Antal and Barton.


Stripped Hose ClampsRe: The Case of the Stripped Hose Clamp in the September 1999 issue:First, torque is not the issue. Clamping force is the...

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Bruce vs. Claw. Keel Depth.