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Composting Head Disposal Options

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as huge fans of composting/desiccation heads (see “Dissecting the Desiccating Head,” PS July 2021). We’re not encouraging people to rip out what they have or even to go that way with replacements; a properly installed and maintained holding tank system works very well and fits the needs of most sailors. We see composting/desiccating […]

Wintering Afloat

Insurance and hurricane risk may require a layup. But I’ve been quite happy wintering in the mid-Chesapeake, snow, ice and all. Over 35 years, the only times my boat has been materially damaged were both on the hard, which colors my thinking. In Deale, MD, there are only a few weeks each year where ice […]

Do Cruisers Need Jib Leech Telltales?

Telltales on the body of the jib and leech of the main are commonplace, and most of us learned to sail using them. They tell us at a glance whether the air flow is attached or stalled at that location. Most commonly, they are placed at the forward third of the jib and the leech […]

Dyneema Short Splice Versus Lashing

Have you ever experimented with, or tested, an Amsteel splice going both directions through the core? The photo below is of 7/16” Amsteel. I needed a short and high strength connection between the hull and the underside of a new inner forestay deck fitting. The section pictured could only be approximately eight inches long, due […]

Common Bottom Type Abbreviations

There are 15 basic bottom terms and 58 types listed on NOAA chart 1 (https://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/publications/docs/us-chart-1/ChartNo1.pdf), the guide to chart symbols. (We’ve listed only a few types here.) There are also 10 qualifying terms. The accuracy of these designations varies widely by location and depth. Bottom material can vary over short distances and change with time. […]
Restoring Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck

Refinishing Your Boat’s Non-skid Deck

Although you can allow your varnish and hull paint to fade, crack, or peel with no more penalty than the disdain of those who mistake shine for soul, you don’t want to let your non-skid deck paint lose its grip. Even the most soulful boat evokes a sense of pity if its owner is lying […]
Seamanship Secrets

Secrets of the Most Accurate LOP on Earth

Excerpted from Seamanship Secrets When the two charted objects line up as viewed from your boat – say a church spire behind a tank – you have a range (also known as a transit). A range provides a flawless line of position (LOP). When planning a cruise, look ahead, behind, and to the sides of your track for pairs […]
Acrylic Gelcoat Restorers

Acrylic Gelcoat Restorers

Part of our interest in acrylic hull restorers is due to the wide range of opinions on these products. Marketing materials often position these products as “miracle cures ” for aging gelcoat, and the examples of restored boats appearing on the Internet or in brochures often seem too good to be true. While user reports […]

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PS Advisor: North-up Versus Heading-up Navigation

When a vigorous debate broke out recently at a local boat show over the ideal orientation of a chartplotter (north up vs. heading up), I held my tongue. Given that some collisions involving commercial ships have been partially blamed on the conflicting orientation of the radar and chartplotter displays, I assumed that there must be […]