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Bottom Paints for Brackish Water

Prior PS bottom paint testing focused on saltwater locations in Florida and Massachusetts. This time we’ve moved our testing racks to the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay in Deale, Maryland, just south of the sailing mecca of Annapolis. The fouling is generally fairly vigorous due to brown water, agricultural run-off, and summer water temperatures […]

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  • Estuary Antifouling
  • Bottom Painting Tips
  • Barnacle Busters
  • Toxic Substances
  • 3-Wire Connectors
  • Bidets for Boats?

Do Look Up: The Real Risk of Powerlines

Seven years ago, in my home cruising grounds of Chesapeake Bay, high voltage electricity arced from a powerline to the mast of a 35-foot sailboat while the mast was still 12 feet from the wire. The people jumped into the brackish water and there were no serious injuries, but the boat burned to the waterline. […]

The Solo Sailor’s Quandary

Whether it is simply the curse of age or my diminished capacity for self-delusion, my efforts at creating a small boat fit for single-handed passage-making seem ever more futile. I’m beginning to think that the rugged individualist’s quest for true self-sufficiency is unattainable—and that this is a good thing. As Joseph Conrad, who frequently spoke […]

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  • Li-Ion Battery Safety
  • Tools for Topping-off
  • Fighting Fires
  • Freeing Stuck Anchors
  • Anchor Tripping Tips
  • Tools on the Move


Tool Kits For Every Possible Boat Job

Like all sailors that have a home shop and work on their boats, we’re constantly schlepping tools back and forth. I have multiples of many tools, but not everything, and it’s not good having every tool on the boat— I’d have to repaint the waterline three inches higher and there would be no room for […]

Anchor Trip-line Tricks

An anchor trip line is a stout line connected from the after end of the anchor fluke to a marker buoy so that the anchor can later be retrieved. The length of the line is adjusted to be straight up and down at high tide level so that the float marks the approximate position of […]

Powering Portable Devices Safely

Most mariners, especially those on the West Coast, have heard about the horrific fire aboard the dive boat Concepcion near Santa Cruz Island, California, in September 2019. The combined cell phones and personal devices of the crew and 34 guests were plugged in to charge overnight. Fire experts suspect these caught fire and the fire […]

Mailport: April 2022

DREMEL POLISHING BOBS Regarding your recent blog post on corrosion (see “Fighting Off Marine Electrical System Corrosion,” PS Online), when cleaning up corroded terminals and lugs, I’ve found polishing bobs on Dremel tool to be useful. This is much easier than using sandpaper or a file and does a superior job in confined areas. The […]

A C-22 Out in the Wild

Many of the most interesting cruising areas in Florida are inaccessible to the average cruising boat. The Florida Bay between the southern tip of Florida and the Keys is a minefield for boats drawing more than three feet, as is much of the peninsula’s Gulf Coast. The panhandle area is riddled with shallow bayous and […]