Where Credit Is Due: August 2013


Water Witch
Two years ago, I purchased a Water Witch bilge pump switch. When it developed a glitch, I called Kathleen at Water Witch Inc.s San Diego office (www.waterwitchinc.com). She asked me a couple of questions, then assured me the replacement part would be shipped the following day. It was, followed by an email saying it had shipped. It arrived 10 days later (international), complete with a personal note. Does it better than this? I think not.

Where Credit Is Due: August 2013

Bill Hassett,
Via email

Like all prudent sailors, I strive to be as self-sufficient as possible. This endeavor often forces me into, among other places, cold, murky water beneath the boat. I recently had a zipper fail on a lightly used, but out-of-warranty Scubapro shorty wetsuit. Of course I didn't have the purchase receipt, so I began a quest to affect a repair-sail shops, upholstery shops, you name it. No one could help me. I ended up sending the suit back to Scubapro (www.scubapro.com), expecting to pay for repairs and shipping.

They inspected the suit, and agreed that it was so lightly used that the zipper should not have failed. Amazingly, Scubapro promptly replaced the entire wetsuit at no charge. Ive repeatedly pressed Scubapro gear into some very harsh environments while cleaning boat bottoms. I can’t say enough good things about their product reliability. Now, Id like to add the same kudos to their customer service.

Hayward Hornsby,
Legend, Hunter 35.5
Destin, Fla.

Ive been using Alpenglow Lights (www.alpenglowlights.com) for a few years, and I love em. (I have four.) Plus the tech support is better than expected. When a lights ballast went out on me (a rare occurrence, but the light was almost 10 years old), I shipped it to the company, and they converted it to all LED for free. The LED light is a tad bit brighter, but the color is nearly the same.

Richard Lewis,
Via email

I would like to express thanks to Chuck Finch, SI-TEX service manager (www.si-tex.com), for his superb service. He found and repaired a problem with my Lowrance MDS-8 radar for minimal cost. The radar had never been installed and was dead out of the box. After troubleshooting it over the phone, I was unable to locate the problem. I could not find the receipt, so I sent it in with some trepidation as it would not be a warranty repair. Finch was extremely considerate, and I certainly appreciate it.

Dwight Campbell
Margaritaville, Newport 28 MKII
Columbia River

Recently, I installed a Raritan Marine Elegance head (PS, February 2011), which leaked at the connection to the Shields 164 hose. I emailed Raritan (www.raritan.com), and Greg Morales immediately replied. He mentioned this problem had happened before, so they had redesigned the connection fitting. A new one was promptly sent, and solved my problem.

Jonathan Bryan,
Via email

Darrell Nicholson, editor of Practical Sailor, grew up boating on Miami’s Biscayne Bay on everything from prams to Morgan ketches. Two years out of Emory University, after a brief stint as a sportswriter, he set out from Miami aboard a 60-year-old wooden William Atkin ketch named Tosca. For 10 years, he and writer-photographer Theresa Gibbons explored the Caribbean, crossed the Pacific, and cruised Southeast Asia aboard Tosca, working along the way as journalists and documenting their adventures for various travel and sailing publications, including Cruising World, Sail, Sailing, Cruising Helmsman, and Sailing World. Upon his return to land life, Darrell became the associate editor, then senior editor at Cruising World magazine, where he worked for five years. Before taking on the editor’s position at Practical Sailor, Darrell was the editor of Offshore magazine, a boating-lifestyle magazine serving the New England area. Darrell has won multiple awards from Boating Writer’s International, including the Monk Farnham award for editorial excellence. He holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100-ton Master license and has worked as a harbor pilot and skippered a variety of commercial charter boats.


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