Offshore Log: The Bottom Line

When Calypso was hauled at New England Boatworks last September for bottom painting, we decided to switch from Micron CSC Extra to Pettit ACP-50...

Offshore Log:Another Year, Another Bottom Paint

By the time we finally moved westward from Trinidad in late September, Calypso had spent most of the 1998 hurricane season in Trinidad, south...

PS Advisor 12/01/98

Corroded Zipper HeadsIve been working to restore a 1985 Ericson 32 which had been totally neglected for a number of years. It is now...

Marsolve: Marine Descaler

An old product is being introduced to a new market. Marsolve has been used for years to treat and clean steam boilers and other...

Strippers 2000: Peel Away Still Champ

In a test of Peel Away #1 vs. the “marine” Peel Away, the showdown is a draw. Franmar’s Soy-Gel™ also works well.

Fiberglass Hull Restorers : 21-month Report

Our annual report on products that attempt to bring back hull shine.

Measure Twice, Mix Once?

We decided to paint our masts ourselves. Why not? How hard could it be? My friend Bill and I had done virtually everything else...

PS Advisor

Gelcoat CrazingFor the past (too many to admit) years I have been working on the completion of a Corbin 39. Recently I have noticed...

Peel Away Still Most Effective Bottom Paint Stripper

Strippers using plastic covering sheets, like Peel Away and West Marines MarineStrip, stay active longer than other strippers.

Hot Water Heater Installation Tips

To keep pipe joints from leaking, use Teflon tape or pipe joint compound, and remember that hose barb-to-hose connections are much easier to make drip-proof with a hose clamp than the same connection made on a threaded pipe stub.