Sailboats 31-35ft

Soverel 33

With a jumbo sailplan and racing pedigree, this boat owns the light air. And it can be cruised a bit.

Three Big-Three 30s

The Beneteau 311, Catalina 310, and Hunter 326 represent what could be called 'entry-level' cruising boats from the major makers, and here's how they could be compared...

Island Packet 350

Bob Johnson's 1997 design is roomy and well-made. Though slow to gather speed upwind, she carries her way gracefully.

Com-Pac 35

Com-Pac Yachts is a Florida builder with a particularly interesting history. The company was formed back in 1957 by W. L. "Hutch" Hutchins, Sr., an entrepreneurial tool-and-die maker who operated a metal-stamping and fabrication shop in St. Louis.

Hinckley Pilot 35

This Sparkman & Stephens classic, built for a dozen years in fiberglass (and built to take it), has kept its value and a fervent following.

Express 34, Hobie 33, Olson 34

Three of the ‘best from the west,’ these performance sloops have been out of production for 15 years but are still hot because they’re fast and built well enough for blue-water sailing.

Freedom 35

Production of this Dave Pedrick design started in 1993 and continues today. An optional package for traditional headsails is a departure from Freedom’s self-tending legacy.

Wauquiez Pretorien 35

This well-made French cruiser has a fairly contemporary underbody and is strong enough to venture offshore. Finding one is the problem.

Hunter 320

A good looking mid-size cruiser that beginners will find comfortable and forgiving.

Hunter 310

This innovative family boat typifies Hunter’s design philosophy with its B&R rig, radar arch, circular cockpit and good value, but owners cite numerous niggling problems.