Sailboats 31-35ft

Etchells-inspired e33 – A Practical Sailor New Sailboat Review

The trophy daysailer market is rife with branding, image, and various forms of snob appeal. The e33, however, makes its pitch on practical grounds. Reports from the field highlight the performance/comfort/control combination that makes the e33 a fun raceboat. You don't need a big crew, you can exercise your tactical talents to the max, and you give away nothing in boatspeed. Our time sailing the e33 convinced us that it is not only a legitimate performance sailboat, but that attaining that performance is sinfully easy. The e33 daysailers bonus points include a cockpit that takes up more than half the deck space and can hold five or six adults comfortably; cockpit-led control lines; carbon-fiber spars; and a hydraulic headstay control. Below, Spartan accommodations include berths for four, an enclosed head, and a built-in cooler. With the look of a classic and the innovative design of a modern daysailer, the e33 is e Sailing Yachts intelligent, inspired, comprehensive attempt to capture the fun of performance sailing.

TomCat 9.7. – Practical Sailor New Boat Review: Quality Construction, Unique Engineering and Stability...

Being one of the smallest cruising catamarans on the market brands the TomCat 9.7 ( “entry level,” but we find that term misleading and unfair. There’s much more to the joy of a sailing catamaran than speedo numbers. The 9.7 might not out-drag most of its rivals, but it can, we think, deliver more of what sailors are after when they turn off the auxiliary. And, in many respects, it makes shoal-water sailing safer and more relaxing. If you’re looking at a Maine Cat 30 or a Gemini 105Mc from Performance Cruising, the TomCat also deserves a look.

Pearson 32 Boat Review

With a clear understanding of coastal weather conditions, inshore estuaries, and the cruiser-club racer mindset of potential buyers, Bill Shaw designed boats that met the needs of local sailors. The Pearson 32 was no exception: The 32-footer’s shoal draft stats also come with an efficient foil shape and external lead ballast, providing enough lift and lateral plane to enhance sailing ability both on and off the wind. Add to the mix a respectable sail area-displacement ratio, and it’s clear that this Pearson is more than an oversized pocket cruiser. Envisioned originally as both a club racer and a family cruiser, the boat lives up to expectations.

Fast and the Farr-ious

The Farr-designed 10R charts new waters for century-old Beneteau.

Shannon Shoalsailer 35

With just 30 inches of draft, this model simplifies the fine art of gunkhole cruising.

Tartan 3400

Treading a fine line between speed and comfort, Tim Jackett’s new 34-footer takes advantage of an epoxy hull and carbon spars

Beneteau’s New 343

A revamp of the 331, this midsize Beneteau's New 343 cruiser has a plain-Jane mien coupled with adequate comfort and surprising performance.

Catalina 350

The 350 follows the lead of the successful 310, with well-designed space in the saloon, and more comfort for fewer crew. Our test sail was slow, partly due to a battenless main.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 32

The Sun Odyssey 32 and Sun Fast 32i are two versions of the same boat, designed by Philippe Briand. The attractive combination may well capture a good share of the market in this size slot.

Gemini 105Mc

This is the third version of an already thoughtful design that Tony Smith has been tweaking for years. It's a spacious, stable platform for a fast-cruising couple.