Marine Sanitation:SeaLand Holding Tank Systems

SeaLand Technology of Big Prairie, Ohio is not a diversified company. Once part of Mansfield, the largest maker of home toilets, SeaLand was spun...

Marine Sanitation:Does Your Holding Tank Hold?

SeaLand makes the thickest-wall tank.

Marine Sanitation: Manual Heads – Raritan PH II A Best Buy

The bigger the joker valve, the less chance of clogging.

PS Advisor 07/15/99

Holding Tanks and HosesMy brother-in-law and I are planning to install a holding tank in our 1970 Morgan 28. Ive tried to research the...

PS Advisor

That Slippery Shock CordCan you recommend a knot to be used successfully with shock cord? Marv SannesSalem, OregonShock cord is tough to tie. It...

Light Dimmer and Motor Controller

Occasionally, there are times when you would like to control the lighting brightness in the cabin-intimate settings, night sailing without adequate red lights in...

Simple Tips for Maintaining Stainless Steel

When applying a paste cleaner, a toothbrush is useful for buffing tight spots and working into the pores of welds; follow by buffing with a cotton cloth. A green 3M scrubby pad helps for removing more aggressive stains. Continued rusting in welded areas might indicate a developing failure, requiring replacement. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and mild soap when done buffing.