Anchoring 1: Anchoring in Sand and Mud


How do you know you have the right anchor aboard your boat? For twenty years, Practical Sailor has been observing and testing anchors in all kinds of conditions. Our constantly evolving tests show you how today’s anchors – from the simple, inexpensive models to the highly-engineered, new-fangled inventions – will keep your boat safe and secure.

Now, you can find these tests, evaluations, and recommendations in one place – Practical Sailor‘s new ebook, Anchoring in Sand and Mud. It’s the first ebook in a series covering all you need to know about anchors and anchoring.

From hard sand to soft mud, Practical Sailor‘s tests give you a clear picture of what you need when purchasing an anchor.

You’ll discover:

-The top anchor in both our long-and short-scope testing.
-The importance of testing for a veering load and its impact on your choices.
-Why some anchors are tops in holding the bottom but rank low for below-decks storage.
-The effective anchors for less than $200.
-Our thoughts on a recent major anchor test in the Chesapeake Bay.
-Which anchors moved – and reset!

Practical Sailor‘s Anchoring in Sand and Mud thoroughly examines all of the anchors on the market, comparing holding power as well as the ability to reset after breaking out. To be sure you can anchor (and sleep) in peace, even during a storm, purchase this ebook today.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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