Anchors – Complete Series


The best real-world tests in the constantly moving world of anchoring.

Now, with this new 5-part series from Practical Sailor, you’ll learn everything you need to know about anchoring, including Anchoring in Sand and Mud, Specialty Anchors/Real World Anchoring, Chain/Rode, Anchor Rode Accessories, and Anchoring Tactics.

Volume One: Anchoring in Sand and Mud

Practical Sailor‘s Anchoring in Sand and Mud thoroughly examines all of the anchors on the market, comparing holding power as well as the ability to reset after breaking out.

Volume Two: Specialty Anchors/Real World Anchoring

In Specialty Anchors/Real World Anchoring you’ll get Practical Sailor‘s in-depth analyses of anchors from Fortress, Spade, Super Max, Manson, Rocna, Quickline, and XYZ. Bench and shoreline tests for setting and holding along with expert observations from months of real-world use, around the world, give you the data and advice you need to make smart buying decisions.

Volume Three: Chain/Rode

If you think your ground tackle purchases are complete after selecting your anchors, you need to read Anchor Chain/Rode. Without the right rode, the weakest link could have you and your boat waking up in an unexpected place.

Volume Four: Anchor Rode Accessories

Anchor Rode Accessories examines and reviews all of the components needed to properly secure your boat. From small swivels to heavy-weight windlasses, no part is inconsequential. Get your copy of Anchor Rode Accessories so you know what to buy, how to use it and how to keep it working.

Volume Five: Anchoring Tactics

In Anchoring Tactics, Practical Sailor’s team of editors describe in great detail their field-tested tactics for dealing with less-than-perfect anchoring conditions. Using text, photos and detailed illustrations, they review the essential skills and strategies you’ll need for dealing with bad holding ground, crowded anchorages, storms, strong currents, sudden wind shifts, and more.

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