Anchoring 3: Chain/Rode


Chains, connectors, and anchors made of different metals, all sitting in salt water for months. Its a recipe for disaster. Guaranteed! Unless you know what to buy, how to maintain it and the early warning signs of problems.

Introducing Anchor Chain/Rode, a new ebook in Practical Sailors Anchoring series. In Anchor Chain/Rode, you’ll read our exhaustive chain corrosion tests and our advice for making and interpreting your own inspections. Youll learn which chain and line is best for your boat, your sailing and your handling skills. Youll see the best ways to connect your anchor, chain, line and boat. And you’ll also read Practical Sailors analysis of the alternatives to chain available in today’s market.

Anchor Chain/Rode is filled with more than twenty years of data, observations, and experience, giving you all the information you need to keep your boat secure in any anchorage. Youll find out:

-The top and bottom anchors in our evaluations.

-Why chain from China is unreliable.

-How to interpret Safe Working Loads for chains.

-If galvanized chain can lengthen its useful life.

-How much stretch in your nylon line is too much.

-The effect of wind and waves your mooring rode.

-And much more.

If you think your ground tackle purchases are complete after selecting your anchors, you need to read Anchor Chain/Rode. Without the right rode, the weakest link could have you and your boat waking up in an unexpected place.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.


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