Marine Electrical Systems – Complete Series



Electrical systems can be difficult to understand. You want to make the right decisions, but with the wide variety of options available, installing or fixing one can be a daunting task.

Now, with this new 5-part series from Practical Sailor, you’ll learn everything you need to know about electrical systems, including Batteries, System Installation, Panels, Monitors, Charging, Alternative Energy, and AC Systems.

Volume One: Batteries

In Batteries from the ebook series Marine Electrical Systems, Practical Sailors editors review the choices you face when equipping your boat with additional battery power. From wet-cell, AGM and gel cell batteries to newer technologies like Lithium-Ion this ebook gives you real-world evaluations and recommendations.

Volume Two: System Installation

In System Installation, Grounding and Lightning Protection from the ebook series Marine Electrical Systems, Practical Sailors editors walk you through the proper way to ground your electrical systems and the equipment and methods which work best. And which are outdated.

In this must-read ebook, you’ll learn how to protect your sailboat from expensive and life-threatening conditions.

Volume Three: Panels, Monitors, Charging, Alternative Energy, and AC Systems

Your sailboat has more and more devices aboard drawing power. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an older boat or improve the base equipment in a newer boat, your choices for instrumentation panels, inverters, battery monitors and accessories are seemingly endless. And the installation and repair process extremely confusing.

Volume Four: Alternative Energy

For you, efficient power generation ranks right up there with an abundant supply of freshwater; without it, life is a real struggle. Today’s cruising boats are more energy-dependent than ever before. The adaptation of high-output alternators to marine use and the development of sophisticated, multi-stage regulation systems has gone a long way toward making energy-hungry conveniences possible. But what happens when the engine breaks down or the alternator fails? Or if you simply don’t want to run your engine? Will your life come to a screeching halt until repairs are made? Unless you have an alternative means of generating power, the answer may well be a resounding Yes!

Volume Five: AC Systems

In Practical Sailors ebook, AC Systems, you’ll read about the confusing and conflicting debate over the best ways to solve this problem as well as smart ways to bring AC power aboard.

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