Pump Details: The Modern Macerator


Most of the macerators that PS looked at for this test used a variation of the centrifugal pump/macerator design introduced by Tecma in the 1990s.

1. Spinning vanes on the Thetford-Tecma Silence’s convex macerator impeller sling emulsified liquid to the outside of the pump body.

2. Heavier material is broken down as it is forced past metal blades in a center of the macerator body of the Thetford-Tecma Silence.

3. The bronze macerator on the Raritan Atlantes was the most robust in our test group.

4. The closely spaced stainless-steel blades on the Dometic macerator do an excellent job of cutting up waste so that it can be passed into the holding tank.


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