Marine Electronics:Garmin 48 Tops in Handheld GPS

As it is with notebook computers, GPS receivers continue to evolve into faster, smaller and more powerful devices. Our latest crop of test models...


Amid all the media coverage of last Octobers Hurricane Mitch and the havoc wrecked on Central America was the sea story of Fantome, a...

Sea Marshall Rescue Systems

The greatest fear of any sailor perhaps is the cry, “Man-overboard!” It’s not a common occurrence, but it can and does happen. Sometimes the...

Trim Design Turnbuckle

Big ships had bulwarks, hip-high extensions of the topsides to prevent the crew from falling or being swept overboard. Yachts had nothing; maybe a...

Buyer’s Guide: Children’s PFDs

For ultimate safety, we like the Type 1 Safegard, though kids prefer more comfortable vests such as the Type III Kent Casad and Extrasport.

Buyer’s Guide: Handheld Emergency Flares

The SOLAS-grade Pains-Wessex Pinpoint flares are bright and spatter-free at a reasonable price.

Sunscreens: We Test Nine

With little difference between brands, we say go for Nantucket Gold at less than a dollar per ounce.

Life Rafts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Part 1 - General findings from wave pool tests, plus intense scrutiny of the design and quality of 27 inshore, coastal and offshore rafts, reveals what to look for when buying the 'final option.'

Comings and Goings

Weve been aware for some years that the Loran navigation system is presumably on the way out, this despite the fact that the global...

GMDSS: Mass Confusion?

Recently we received the following e-mail from reader Gerard Lacroix, asking questions about radio communications that must be on the minds of others. Your...