Rip Rap May 15, 1998 Issue

X’s and I’s

“I sorted your fasteners today,” said the Mate.

“What do you mean you sorted my fasteners today?”

“How can you possibly work with that mess in the garage? I straightened up and sorted out all those millions of screws laying around everywhere.”

“I knew where everything was.”

“You couldn’t possibly know where everything was. You even had empty boxes stacked up five or six deep. Now, everything has its place and there’s a place for everything. Lots of space on the work bench now.”

“Where did you put it all?”

“In that plastic cabinet with all the little drawers.”

“That’s where I kept the boat screws, all strictly stainless.”

“Well, it was a waste of space. Some drawers had only a couple of screws, some had those flat rings and stuff. I combined everything and filled the drawers and it’s all sorted by size.”

“By size?”

“Skinny, medium and fat. You got two columns of drawers. The left column is the X’s and the right is the I’s.”

“X’s and I’s?”

“It’s the way they’re marked on the top, the heads you call them. Either an X or an I. Is that so difficult?”

“It’s either Phillips or slotted.”


“What did you do with all of the different nuts and washers.?”

“They’re in that bucket. I couldn’t find any other place for them. By the way,” the Mate added, “I’ve got another surprise. Aren’t you the one who said the jib was too big to go in the washing machine?”


Cruising Rallies
Dates have been set for the ninth annual West Marine Caribbean 1500 Cruising Rally. The fleet will leave Salt Ponds Marine in Hampton, Virginia on November 1, 1998, en route to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour in the British Virgin Islands. Any seaworthy yacht of 34' or longer is eligible to enter. A “fun” Race Division will depart from Newport, Rhode Island on October 28, with a stopover in Bermuda. Contact Steve Black, Cruising Rally Association, 12 Canonicus Ave., Newport, RI 02840; 401/848-0302.

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