Comprehensive Galley and On-board Cooking Guide: Complete Series


Now, with this new 3-part series from Practical Sailor, you’ll learn everything you need to know about comprehensive galley and on-board cooking, including Galley Design and Systems, Stoves, Ovens, and Grills, and Galley Accessories.

Volume One: Galley Design and Systems

Whether you’re out for the afternoon on the lake or spending a week cruising the coast, easy access to your food and drink is essential. No one wants to be bumping into each other in tight quarters. And no one wants pots and pans, cookbooks and condiments or dishes and drinks flying around below. Galley Design and Systems will give you the options and products you need for enjoyable times aboard.

Volume Two: Stoves, Ovens, and Grills

Before you suffer disappointment aboard, do your homework ashore. See what Practical Sailor says about the products available in today’s marine cooking market. Will the oven fit in your galley? What does it weigh? What size pan can you put on the range? Which cooking fuel is best for you? Youll find the answers to these questions in Stoves, Ovens and Grills, the 2nd Volume in the series.

Volume Three: Galley Accessories

In Galley Accessories, you’ll find Practical Sailors reviews and recommendations for cooking equipment and utensils needed belowdecks. What pots and pans work best and store easiest? What’s the most convenient way to brew coffee aboard? Do coolers actually perform differently? Is there a proven strategy for provisioning your boat for cruises, short and long? Find out answers to these questions and many more in Galley Accessories.

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