Onboard Water Treatment, Storage, and Production: Complete Series


Safe, clean water, wherever you roam.

Whether you fill your tanks with city water, or distill it using a state-of-the art watermaker, this comprehensive study will ensure that your crew will stay healthy and hydrated with clean, fresh-tasting water throughout your voyage.

In this new 3-part series from Practical Sailor based on our extensive independent testing, you’ll learn everything you need to know about catching, filtering, treating, storing, and producing water on a cruising sailboat.

Volume One: Water Filtration

Practical Sailor’Water Filtration compares the most popular portable and installed water filters on the marine market, as well as describes some cost-saving do-it-yourself options. Our testers compare several different types of filters—course pre-filters, fine secondary filters, and even filters that can remove viruses. Follow our experts’ advice and your onboard water can be better than bottled. Really.

Volume Two: Storing Water

In Storing Water you’ll learn Practical Sailor’s secrets to ensuring that your water supply remains tasty and fresh throughout your voyage—whether you plan to be cruising for days, or weeks, or years. You’ll learn how to sterilize a contaminated tank, how to avoid recontamination, and how to add tank capacity using the most rugged collapsible tank on the market.

Volume Three: Watermaker Reports

In Watermaker Reports you’ll see the results of our head-to-head testing of the major brand of watermakers sold today. You’ll be guided through the important details on installing and maintaining a watermaker, protecting your investment, and ensuring long-lasting, trouble-free service.

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