Marine Cleaners: Gelcoat Restoration & Maintenance


Protecting your boats exterior is an absolute necessity, but it can be a time-consuming and muscle-straining job. But with Practical Sailors Gelcoat Maintenance you’ll save time, energy, and money by using the right products the right way.

In this detailed new publication every type of cleaner, wax, polisher, and restorer is tested (some for results up to 3 years!) and reviewed – the Practical Sailor way!


– Wax offers little UV protection (regardless of these manufacturers’ claim!)

– There’s a good reason you should NOT use an acrylic coating on a new boat

– To scrub-away a waterline stain, find a cleaner with a low PH

– The best product to remove salt deposits is right in your kitchen cabinet

Plus, you’ll get a step-by-step regimen in topside maintenance that will keep your boat clean and shining, all for less than $50 a year in materials!

So keep your gelcoat in great shape, and stop wasting money on products that dont do as advertised. Get this time (and money) saving publication today!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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