Marine Cleaners: Specialty Marine Cleaners


Your gelcoat is cleaned and waxed. Those nasty stains have been removed from your deck. And your bronze shines like new. Your boat is spotless – or is it?

How are your fenders looking? Is your vinyl beat-up? Are your ropes and rigging in good condition (and are they safe)? These items are often overlooked but go a long way in keeping your boat clean and protected. And with Practical Sailors Specialty Marine Cleaners you’ll learn why its not just your hull that needs to be kept clean.

Black Streaks?

There’s a cleaner that’s cheap and effective (and well show you where to find it).

Clear Vinyl Need Attention?

If you’re using these common products you’re making things worse.

Got Grease?

This bargain de-greaser is the best of the bunch and it’s in your hardware store!

Plus there’s a special section on the care and cleaning of your ropes (keep a pillowcase handy but DO NOT use bleach!) and sails (please don’t hang them to dry), as well as ratings and reviews of the newest green products.

So finish cleaning your boat the right way without breaking the bank. Order your copy of this unique publication today!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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