Onboard Water Treatment, Storage, and Production: Vol. 2, Water Storage


Dirty water, an old tank, bad plumbing, and years of neglect can turn any potable water system into a NOT-able system, as in I’m NOT ABLE to drink this stuff.  This is sad, because many of the vintage cruising boats on the market today have vast storage capacity, and surprisingly well-built tanks that are easily revived.

Introducing Water Storage, a new ebook in Practical Sailors Water Filtration, Storage, and Production series. In Water Storage you’ll read our comprehensive reports on the most common sources of water tank contamination, and what you can do to end it forever. You’ll learn that some common winterizing practices can do more harm than good, and that some simple treatments will keep your water tasting clean and fresh for weeks at a time.

Water Storage is filled with more than twenty years of data, observations, and experience, giving you all the information you ensure your onboard water is the best water in the harbor. In Water Storage, you’ll learn:

-To avoid harmful chemical concoctions used for winterizing.

-How to decontaminate a tainted tank.

-Step-by-step winterizing steps, using safe additives, if needed.

-A do-it-yourself guide to building a rain-catcher.

-Which additives will keep your water fresh and clean.

-How to add capacity using the most rugged collapsible tank available.

-And much more.

If you still don’t believe that the water in your boat’s water tanks can be as safe, as clean, and taste as good as expensive bottled water, you need to read Water Storage. One sip and you’ll be a believer.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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