Onboard Water Treatment, Storage, and Production: Vol. 1, Water Filtration


We know many sailors whose boats can carry more than 50 gallons of water, but they refuse to drink an ounce of it. That is a shame, because we’ve found a variety of inexpensive products and learned a few tricks that keep our water supply clean and fresh tasting throughout the cruising season.

Introducing Water Filtration from Practical Sailor. This downloadable ebook is the first volume in Practical Sailor’s three-volume Water, Filtration, Storage, and Production series. In Water Filtration, you’ll find the best solutions to keeping your water clean before it gets to your boat, and how to keep it clean once you’ve brought it aboard.

  • Health standards for water
  • Types of filters, test results, and ratings
  • Make your own simple pre-filter
  • Treat your water for freshness
  • Test your water for contaminants
  • Portable water purifiers for going ashore

Water Filtration examines and reviews all of the elements needed to ensure your potable water system is safe and reliable. Get your copy of Water Filtration so you know what filters to buy, how to use them, and how to maintain them.

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.

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